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A Building Reborn: How An Intriguing Past Shaped the Metro9 Condos in Somerville

Call it a miracle of adaptive reuse — the story of how a century-old cold storage facility was transformed into the boldest condos in Somerville.  

Welcome to Metro9, the stunning result of an exceptional vision (and months of defrosting) that creatively repurposed the sturdy structure into an edgy, distinct space to call home. 

So, what industrial features were preserved in the Metro9 condos in Somerville? 

Although the building, formerly known as Millbrook Cold Storage, was thoroughly revamped to create an amenity-rich, dynamic living experience for you, many of the industrial features of the original building were preserved to take advantage of the building’s one-of-a-kind design. Adaptive reuse is, after all, the process of reusing an old site or building for a purpose other than it was built for.    

Here’s what you find:  

  • Durable architecture: For starters, a cold storage facility — that at one time held over one million lobsters — had to have immense strength and durability, and that framework remains firmly intact, fortifying the building and providing a dependability not commonly found in buildings of this scale.   
  • Industrial details: The exposed columns and high concrete ceilings of the original building remain, honoring its history and giving these condos in Somerville a ruggedly chic aesthetic.  
  • Open floor plans: Finally, the open layout of the cold storage building swiftly converted to spacious, bright condos with open floor plans.   

What’s new in these condos in Somerville? (Close to everything!) 

In addition to the preservation and reuse of the cold storage’s most intriguing features, Metro9 has all the panache of a newly constructed condo building.  Some of its defining characteristics include large windows with city views, open-style kitchens with quartz countertops, private balconies, stainless steel appliances, a clubroom with a gas fireplace and billiards, a fitness center with Peloton bikes, concierge service, and a roof deck overlooking Boston with grills and an outdoor TV. 

Eco-conscious design  

In 2017 Somerville ranked number three on SmartAsset’s list of “Top 10 Green Cities For Families” because of its strong emphasis on eco-consciousness and sustainability. In keeping with this local effort, Metro9 condos have been developed using ecologically-friendly strategies in both the redesign and reconstruction of the original building, as well as green systems for residences and common spaces.  As a result, Metro9 has received a LEED Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. 

The building has truly been reborn, from darkness and ice-covered walls to a bold condo-living experience that reflects the priorities, interests, and identity of the neighborhood.   

Come see Metro9 for yourself. Schedule a tour now.  

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