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For the best drinks in Somerville, here’s where you need to go

Balmy summer days call for the best drinks in Somerville. With the heat index of 110 sending us into a sweat, we compiled a quick list of our favorite watering holes right in the Metro9 neighborhood.

For the best drinks in Somerville, head straight to:


7 Sanborn Ct, Somerville

Hidden behind a red door in an alleyway, you find drinks like the Heart Shaped Herb (a dark, floral margarita promising to deliver “superhuman powers”) and Kiwi Bird (a tiki concoction that “will have you flying in no time”). As intriguing as the drink menu is, the Backbar bartenders are indeed superhuman when it comes to mixing cocktails off the cuff. Share your craving and prepare for a heavenly sip. Cute and “hipster-y,” according to avid patrons, the drinks are served against a backdrop of chalk murals, quirky décor, and a playlist to match the vibe.

Casa B Tapas and Cocktail & Rum Bar

253 Washington St., Somerville

“Tapas, cocktails, and rum…what more can you ask for from Somerville!” writes Melissa, one of countless Yelp critics who’ve given Casa B 5-star reviews. At Casa B, the citrus is freshly squeezed, the syrups created right onsite, and infusions made of locally sourced fruits, herbs, vegetables, and spices. If you have not explored the world of aged rum, a visit to Casa B could be the start of a new devotion. Try The Bad Boy, featuring El Buho Mezcal, fresh lime, pomegranate, scotch bonnet pepper, and Fee Brothers orange bitters. For the best drinks in Somerville, you can trust Casa B.

Trina’s Starlite Lounge

3 Beacon St., Somerville

Every season brings a new selection of cocktails at Trina’s Starlite Lounge. Saunter in on a hot Thursday night and find yourself pondering whether to order a Summer Smash (pineapple-infused rum, strawberry-rosemary Aperol, mint, lemon), Trop-ic Like it’s Hot (house-infused pineapple rum, jalapeño, key lime, bitters), or Pretty in Peach (peach-ginger-infused vodka, sage, vanilla, limoncello, lemon). When you’re not drinking, this retro-hip spot serves up gourmet comfort food — burgers, fried chicken, waffles — that has critics raving.

Spoke Wine Bar

89 Holland St., Somerville

Described by Eater as a “neighborhood haunt” and “industry gem,” Spoke Wine Bar also made the magazine’s list of the 35 of the Boston Area’s Most Essential Bars last year. (Backbar, Casa B, and Trina’s Starlite Lounge all made the list too!) Just looking at the crisp images of Spoke’s sparkling wines feels like a reprieve from the heat, but they should — of course — be enjoyed in person. Some even say the cocktails are “crazy awesome.”

Lord Hobo

92 Hampshire St., Cambridge

The location of Metro9 brings many benefits — straddling the line between Cambridge and Somerville is one of them. That’s why we can’t help but head across the border into Cambridge for a visit to nearby Lord Hobo, another Eater best-bar pick. Located in the same neighborhood as State Park and The Automatic (make it a bar crawl?), Lord Hobo highlights beers from near and far, including its own brews. Just because of summer, we’ll go with Sunny Ridge Pilsner, an aromatic lager featuring “a sunshine hue, herbal noble hop nose, and a dry finish.”

So, when the next heatwave rolls in, or you just feel like having the best drinks in Somerville, you know where to go. Better yet, it’s all within walking and biking distance from the Metro9 condos. Cheers!

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