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Half a mile or one 1,000 steps: What you find right around Metro9’s condos in Somerville

What happens if you walk out the front doors of the Metro9 condos in Somerville — right on the Cambridge line — and take 1,000 steps in any direction? What do you pass? Where do you end up?

Come along for a walk through a neighborhood where every 100 steps deliver a new lineup of sumptuous temptations and everyday necessities.

Take one step, take two… what you find near the Metro9 condos in Somerville

0.1 mile: 200 steps

Two hundred steps into our journey and we’ve hardly left the manicured grounds of Metro9’s condos in Somerville. Is someone waving to you from the roof deck? Wave back and keep walking.

0.2 miles: 400 steps

What you will find: Somerville Brewing Co., Alfredo’s Italian Kitchen, Lone Star Taco Bar, Loyal Nine, New Deal Fish Market, East Side Bar and Grille, Star Market, Marshalls, RiteAid

So, it only takes 400 steps (or less than a 5-minute stroll) to reach all of the above. Some names undoubtedly ring familiar. As far as groceries, prescriptions, and everyday necessities, they’re right outside your back door, which is welcome news.

The range of options is pleasing, too — everything from craft beer served in funky warehouse taproom (Somerville Brewing Co., 15 Ward St.) to irresistible small bites and Boston’s best bread program (Loyal Nine, 660 Cambridge St.). Let’s pop into Lone Star Taco Bar (635 Cambridge St.) for some Mexican street food and fierce Mezcal, tequila.

0.3 miles: 600 steps

What you will find: Royal Pastry Shop, Souper Roll Up Café, Curio Coffee, Portugalia

From cocktails to java — it’s amazing what a few hundred steps can do. At the 0.3-mile mark, the cafés are calling. Curio Coffee (441 Cambridge St.) is known for its waffles as much as its coffee. (It also recently debuted a 15-seat wine bar, as well as hot dogs, grilled cheese, and vegan snacks in the evenings!) And if you ever set foot in the Royal Pastry Shop (738 Cambridge St.), you will return. The cream puffs and cannoli are addiction-level delicious.

0.4 miles: 800 steps

What you will find: Atwood’s Tavern, Target

This time of year, the beer garden at Atwood’s Tavern (877 Cambridge St.) is already playing host to Oktoberfest. A bunch of bands also make this a worthwhile stroll for live music several times a week. Target (180 Somerville Ave.) doesn’t warrant further introduction, but isn’t nice to have a super-charged store within 800 steps?

0.5 miles: 1,000 steps

What you will find: Taza Chocolate, Clover Food Lab, Muqueca

An eclectic trio greets us at 1,000 steps. Two have married environmental concerns with a passion for food. The Taza Chocolate (561 Windsor St.) founders are pioneers of ethical cacao sourcing. The result, they say, is chocolate that is good and fair for all. Clover Food Lab (1075 Cambridge St.) is a vegetarian chain started by an MIT grad poised to battle climate change and to inspire patrons to dream of vegetables. At next-door Muqueca (1008 Cambridge St.) bold, Brazilian flavors rule.

If you take another 800 steps, you’ll reach Kendall and Union Squares in no time. But we’ll save that stroll for another post. It’s time head back to the Metro9 condos in Somerville.

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