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Q&A: Anja Park on designing Metro9’s Somerville condos for sale

When Anja Park set out to design Metro9’s Somerville condos for sale, it was a task that suited her perfectly. A native of Berlin, Germany, she grew up around dilapidated-warehouses-turned-vibrant-homes and immediately knew the potential of the unique industrial features of Metro9.

So, what else did the principal of Anja Park Design try to accomplish? She sat down with us to talk focus, inspiration, and art.

Q. Which five words best capture the essence of these Somerville condos for sale?

A. Urban, bold, industrial, sophisticated, distinctive.

 Q. Describe the color scheme, materials.

A. In the common spaces, exposed industrial features, such as concrete columns and ducts, contrast with comfortable, contemporary and clear shapes and warm colors. The centerpiece of the lobby is a large, transparent and contemporary fireplace surrounded by the warm red and beige tones of the sofas, rugs, benches and chairs. We draw a similar color scheme into the pool room and kitchen to create the welcoming atmosphere for social gatherings and dinner parties. Warm woods such as teak and walnut play off the concrete and rough ceiling structure.

Each of our three model units is designed with different buyers in mind and therefore features a customized look and feel, materials and color palette. The design ranges from fun, bright colors, punchy furniture pieces, and bohemian colors and materials all the way to muted, elegant and a more saturated color palette and materials in the spacious and aspirational larger units.

Metro 9’s Somerville condos for sale are in a building that is the home to a true community. While the model units reflect upon the lifestyle of potential buyers, the lobby is the heart of the building. We want owners to walk into their building and feel embraced and at home.

Q. There’s also a distinct focus on art…

A. Yes, another strong design element of the lobby is the stunning art we curated for the space. Different media such as paintings, photography, edgings, and new media artwork are the backdrop for the seating area — the common denominator amongst the various media being the color palette and abstract motives.

Q. From where did you pull inspiration? Any current design trends?

A. I am from Berlin. Being exposed to abandoned or dilapidated factory halls and warehouses that are now the site of galleries or restaurants belong to my pedigree as an interior designer. The juxtaposition of old and new, hard and soft, blunt and whimsical are organic to me, and we find them here at Metro 9.

Q. How did the surrounding neighborhood and the space itself influence the design choices?

A. Metro 9 is nestled in a busy, urban and somewhat grittier part of Somerville. It’s the backyard of Cambridge’s Kendall Square with all its tech companies. Very soon, this neighborhood will be front and center with all its budding new cafés and breweries and proximity to Union, Inman and Harvard Square. It’s young, vibrant, bold — like our building and our design choices.

Q. What did you find intriguing about the space?

A. The most fascinating feature of Metro 9’s Somerville condos for sale is that they are in a building with a history. It used to be a cold storage facility, and anybody who sees the images of the rough walls covered with thick layers of ice will be stunned at its transformation. The industrial features and high ceilings make it possible to reveal the beauty and loft style of each unit. They emphasize individuality and look unique and interesting, not trivial.

Q. What kind of vibe do you want the design to convey?

A. We want people to walk into the building and feel surprised by its chic design and embraced by its warmth. This project was about creating a community in a seemingly rough and industrial place. We succeeded in creating a space where combining both is possible.

Q. Who do you envision living there?

A. The design of each model unit has a different buyer in mind.  They range from compact layouts and unique personalities for the potential bachelorette or bachelor to the bigger, bohemian units and then really spacious and more aspirational, chic units for young couples, empty nesters, or single parents.

Q. What stands out about Metro9

A. Its location, its history, and its unique interior features.

Come see the design — and Metro9’s Somerville condos for sale — for yourself. Contact us today.


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