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4 Reasons It Pays to Downsize to a Luxury Condo in Somerville

Many people go through a natural period in their life when they want more – more children, more yard space, more bedrooms, more furniture, more of everything a growing family needs to sprawl and be comfortable. Then, in a flash, the kids are away at college, and half the house is being used to store dusty furniture and abandoned toys. This is the time when empty nesters must make an honest assessment of what they need and, more excitingly, what opportunities they can take advantage of by downsizing. Here are four reasons it pays to downsize to a luxury condo in Somerville.

4 reasons to downsize to a luxury condo in Somerville

1. Less means more

The financial incentives for downsizing are often the first thing that most people think about and for good reason. According to the National Association of Realtors, the average new single-family home comes in at 2,300 square feet. But most people, especially empty-nesters, likely don’t need that amount of space or the things that fill it.

Cutting back on your square footage and selling items you no longer want or use will free up money for things you’ve always dreamed about. For some, this might be as simple as bolstering a retirement fund or the ability to enjoy upscale restaurants and vacations without stress. For others, it could be a life-long dream of living in a hip and thriving neighborhood in the city.

Metro9, the newest luxury condo building in Somerville, is particularly attractive to people who’ve lived in the suburbs for most of their lives but have longed for the energy and conveniences of city living. Not only is it optimally located for those that want to enjoy the best that Somerville has to offer. But, these new condos are just a stone’s throw from Cambridge and Boston as well. A more affordable option than most condos in Boston and Cambridge, Metro9 gives downsizing residents the chance to enjoy city life while also achieving other financial goals. That’s just one reason it pays to downsize to a luxury condo in Somerville.

2. Take it easy

While there are certainly advantages for larger families to have more space, both indoor and outdoor, the fact of the matter is that more space means more maintenance. Many people choose to downsize simply because they’re fed up with constant upkeep — mowing, mulching, power washing, snow removal, weeding. There’s always a job to be done when you own a single-family home with outdoor space.

Empty nesters in particular can have a difficult time justifying the time they spend on home maintenance because the space that was once necessary for active toddlers, and then adolescent energy, often feels superfluous and burdensome once children leave the home. For these folks, and for anyone who wants to preserve their time and energy for recreation and relaxation, this is one of the greatest advantages of owning a luxury condo in Somerville, where the responsibility of maintaining the property belongs to someone else.

3. Amen for amenities

In addition to the expense and effort day-to-day maintenance requires, owners of single-family homes have to pay more and work even harder for the extras. But when you live in a luxury condo building, you get the benefit of deluxe amenities.

Every condo building offers different amenities, but the best ones aim to give their residents on-premise access to both conveniences and luxuries. At Metro9 residents have access to a fitness center with Peloton bikes, a roof deck overlooking Boston with grills and an outdoor television, a dog grooming station, a concierge service, common areas that offer both fun and function, and more.

4. Find the action

Many people who decide to downsize to a luxury condo have spent the last decade or more in the suburbs, and they miss the action of the city. Homes in the suburbs that have enough space for growing families are often far removed from any sort of urban environment, and nearby offerings are limited to a small selection of local fare and entertainment. If you’re going to continuously drive into the city for good shopping, an eclectic mix of food or a flare of culture, why not live there?

Metro9’s luxury condos in Somerville offer residents an easy passage into both downsizing and city living because they are right in the heart of a vibrant metropolitan area but are less expensive than other Boston condos. With a walk score of 91 and close proximity to the Charles River, one of the city’s most popular destinations for recreation, Metro9 is located in one of the area’s most walkable, action-packed neighborhoods — perfect for empty nesters and other downsizers looking for the ideal alternative to suburban life.

Downsizing can be hard — it means the end of an era for many people, and that comes with sentimentality and nostalgia. And not all downsizing equates to money saving. In some city neighborhoods you could pay more for a condo than you did for a home double the size in a nearby suburb. But luxury condos in Somerville like Metro9 offer affordability as well panache and are perfect for those who are looking to make the transition from a secluded family-home to a chic condo in the midst of vibrant city energy.

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