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Industrial Condos Sprung Out of Adaptive Reuse – 4 Features You’ll Love

How do you turn a cold storage into a sophisticated building with industrial condos?  

The answer can be found in adaptive reuse, the concept that has played a key role in land conservation and the reduction of urban sprawl across the country. Now, those same principles lend unmistakable character and edge to Metro9 in Somerville, setting the transformed spaces apart from the pack.  

Let’s take a look at how adaptive reuse shaped four of our favorite features at Metro9: 

1. The Look: Ruggedly Chic Industrial Condos 

Modern industrial design is centered around exposing raw structural and mechanical elements that other design styles try to hide — like pipes, columns, and concrete. At Metro9, these elements add visual dimension and create an edgy contrast to shiny, high-end finishes, like stainless-steel appliances and quartz countertops (NOTE: we have quartz countertops).  The final result is strikingly cohesive, giving these open-concept industrial condos a bold and refined look.     

2. The Location: At the Center of it All 

When it came to the creation of one-of-a-kind industrial condos, the former cold storage at 9 Medford St. had it all: an intriguing history, unique structural elements, and an outstanding location. Metro9 is strategically positioned on the Somerville / Cambridge line within a 10-minute walk of the Green Line as well as vibrant Kendall, Lechmere, Union, and Inman Squares. Downtown Boston is equally accessible — step out onto Metro9’s rooftop deck to take in sweeping views of the city skyline. (Many condos feature stunning city views, too.)  

3. The Living Experience: Creative and Inspiring  

The details and atmosphere of Metro9 reflect the Somerville community. Only New York City has more artists per capita — and that fact is aptly captured in the Metro9 experience. Not only do common spaces, lobby, and hallways feature work from local artists, but the building also boasts an art amenity space that can be used for art functions, artist workspace, or a gallery for local artwork. At Metro9, you find an inspiring, creative environment, fueled by the building’s dramatic transformation and the artistic spirit of the surrounding neighborhood.   

4. The Environment: Green Scene 

Adaptive reuse, by design, conserve resources and energy. By reusing an existing structure, the development of Metro9 consumed less energy and produced less construction waste than new construction condo buildings. Green systems were implemented in residences and common spaces, saving 2,400,000 KWH of electricity and offsetting 1,455 metric tons of CO2 a year.  As a result, Metro9 has received a LEED Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Green living also fits perfectly with the focus of Somerville, ranked the 3rd “greenest city” in the U.S. by SmartAsset.  

Metro9 owes its bold, new look to adaptive reuse. Live creatively. Schedule your tour today.  

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