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Scott Cahaly

Meet Scott Cahaly: Artist-in-Residence at Metro9 Condos

Few artists can say they spent three years carving a 5,000-pound block of marble, but Scott Cahaly, artist-in-residence at Metro9, is one of them. And although the finished piece — “New Nazca Stone” — is on display elsewhere, other works by Cahaly now grace the common spaces and model residences at Metro9

An accomplished painter and sculptor, Cahaly realized his fascination with carving during a moment of meditation on a boat dock in Burlington, Vt., while a student at the University of Vermont. These days, he teaches stone sculpture and feels right at home at Metro9, where five loft-style homes have been designated artist live/work spaces and where an airy art studio lets residents unleash their creativity, host art functions, and display their work. 

Meet the Metro9 artist-in-residence Scott Cahaly

METRO9: What do you think about the art amenity space at Metro9?

Scott Cahaly: It’s great, of course! Every building should have a dedicated creative space.

M9: What stands out to you about Metro9?

SC: How efficiently each condo was built and the serious concrete skeletal structure that runs throughout the building, which was previously a cold storage facility.

M9: How would you describe the building in three words?

SC: Peaceful. Comfortable. Home.

M9: Tell us about your work on display.

SC:My work on display on the first floor is primarily my painting work. I work to portray universal energy in 2-D or 3-D visual formats. In the paintings I use brilliant color on dark grounds, resulting in a radiant feel not unlike stained glass. 

In the stonework I carve with sensitivity to the stone’s inherent beauty, texture, and natural color. Through my work, I aim to reinforce for the viewer the validity of alternate spiritual dimensions. My artistic practice feeds my spiritual progress, and I hope it helps contribute to that of others.

M9: What’s your favorite place to eat in the neighborhood?

SC: Two of my favorites are Atwoods Tavern and Lone Star Taco Bar.

(Want to visit yourself? Atwoods Tavern, 877 Cambridge St., is, according to one critic, a cross between a rockabilly club and an upscale dive bar, featuring local brews and live music Wednesday through Monday. Lone Star Taco Bar, 635 Cambridge St., a minute down the street from Metro9, is all about artisanal ingredients, representing the ultimate in Mezcal, tequila, and Mexican street food.)

M9: What’s Somerville like to live in for an artist?

SC: Somerville is a good place for artists to be. The Brickbottom artist lofts are across the highway, and the city has one of the biggest open studios in the known universe.

M9: About that 5,000-pound block of marble: How did you pull that off?

SC: I pulled that off with a lot of pure faith and perseverance. I was working in the quarry area of central Vermont. I saw the 5,000-pound block and knew I had to carve it. It is currently on display at the ‘Meredith Sculpture Walk’ on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire through the summer of 2020. The question is where it will go next! 

For more on Cahaly’s work, visit

Come see the Cahaly’s striking paintings, the art amenity space, and everything else that makes Metro9 such a vibrant place to live. Schedule your tour today. 

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