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Metro9 Club Room + Somerville shops = Condo holiday party perfection

The holidays call for swank parties. But it takes a certain mix to make the perfect condo holiday party come together. If you would rather not drive halfway around Boston for food and then cram your guests into your living room, there’s a better option.

As a Metro9 condo owner, you gain immediate access to the spacious Metro9 Club Room, complete with a catering kitchen and dining area. And there’s yet another bonus: Metro9 straddles the Cambridge/Somerville line, leaving you within walking or biking distance of a smorgasbord of shops for party-food shopping.

Here’s a quick guide to planning an unforgettable condo holiday party at Metro9.

The setting

First of all, let’s take a closer look at the setting itself — the Metro9 Club Room.

Located on the ground floor, the club room sits right next to the sleek innovation suite (for those work-from-home days). Sliding doors let you determine whether you want added privacy or prefer to let your guests spill out into the common space with its plush seating arrangements and double-sided, floor-to-ceiling fireplace.

The kitchen has that modern-meets-industrial feel that characterizes the design of Metro9. Stainless steel cabinets and appliances, white subway tile, teardrop pendants, and a waterfall countertop provide the type of sophistication that a condo holiday party requires.

Display your spread on the large dining table, which, on its own, is actually a source of entertainment. Built to be multi-functional, it doubles as an elegant pool table, allowing your more competitive guests to score a few late-night rounds.

The food

What should you serve? A stroll through Cambridge and Somerville quickly answers that question. If we had to pick, this is where we would go:

For cheese and wine

Less than a mile from Metro9, you find Formaggio Kitchen Kendall (94 Hampshire Court). Boston’s foremost cheese shop, Formaggio features every imaginable high-quality cheese from artisan producers in the United States and Europe. Beyond cheese, Formaggio also sells wine, beer, charcuterie, produce, olive oil, jams, honeys, coffee, tea, spices, chocolate, confections, and a variety of other specialty food items. Let’s just say you’ll be all set. Distance from Metro9: 0.7 miles.

For seafood and seasonal produce

New Deal Fish Market (622 Cambridge St.) is a multi-year winner of the Boston magazine award for best fish market. Step inside and you’ll see why. At New Deal Fish Market, fresh fish is prepared in-store to your specifications. If you’re open to new ideas or need a few pointers on how to up your seafood game, the trained staff will be instrumental in bringing out the “oohs and aahs” at your holiday party event. Distance from Metro9: 0.2 miles.

For meats

No city neighborhood is complete without a local butcher shop. In Somerville, that is M.F. Dulock (201A Highland Ave.), where you find hand-trimmed meats and homemade sausages so good that they have made the shop a four-time Best of Boston winner (including 2019). On a mission to strengthen the local food system, M.F. Dulock offers ethically sourced meats from small farms in New England and the Hudson Valley. Need inspiration? Cooking tips are part of the package, too. Hop on your bike and you’re there in less than 15 minutes. Distance from Metro9: 1.7 miles.

For desserts and catering

If you only want to make a single stop before your condo holiday party, Flour Bakery in Central Square (190 Massachusetts Ave.) is a strong contender. Besides mouthwatering pastries and cakes, the critically acclaimed bakery also masters party catering. From flour cheese balls and petite stuffed breads to upscale mini-sandwiches and delectable cookie platters, the Flour catering menu is a people-pleaser. It only takes 8 minutes by bike to get there. Distance from Metro9: 1.2 miles.

For chocolates

For a late-night surprise, bring out your picks from Taza Chocolate (561 Windsor St.). This Somerville shop features stoneground organic dark chocolate with “true grit” and is a must-visit for all chocolate lovers. Distance from Metro9: 0.5 miles.

For everything else

Whole Foods Market (45 Beacon St.). This Somerville branch is like all other Whole Foods: it carries anything you could possibly need. Bike there in 7 minutes. Distance from Metro9: 1.1 miles.

Here’s to the best condo holiday party you’ve ever thrown. Happy planning!

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