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Hello, Metro9 concierge! What do you do for the condo owners?

Consider Ryan St Marie your right-hand man. The Property Manager at Metro 9 is the face of the concierge team and thrives on making your life as easy as possible.

So, what can condo owners expect from the Metro9 concierge?

We sat down with Ryan St Marie to find out.

Get to know the Metro 9 Concierge

Q. First of all, what should residents know about the Metro 9 concierge services?

A. The Metro9 concierge is here to handle all the building needs.  Whether you’re coming home or heading out, you can count on us to greet you. The coordination of outgoing packages and package deliveries is also on us. We keep the lobby and the amenity rooms of the building in pristine condition.

Your home really extends beyond the condo front door to the entire building, and we work hard to create that feeling of comfort wherever you go. Have questions about Somerville? We can answer those, too. Make sure to read our monthly newsletter that includes information on neighborhood events.

Q. What do you consider your most important task?

A. Getting to know you so we can anticipate your needs. Our goal is to provide top-of-the-line concierge services that put you at ease.

Q. How do you make the lives of Metro 9 residents easier?

A. We at The Dartmouth Group handles day-to-day property operations, we bring in the cleaning and landscaping companies, take care of snow removal and pest control, and handle any electric and air-conditioning needs. We constantly walk the property to ensure that we exceed your expectations. Our on-site maintenance team is also quick to react should an issue arise.

Q. What do you enjoy the most about your job?

A. I came from working in high-end hotels and take pride in being able to provide luxury service.  At the hotels, I really enjoyed getting to know my guests and learning what made them feel at home.  The problem was that our guests would be gone after only a night or two. So, working as a concierge in a luxury residential property allows me to really develop those strong relationships with the residents.

Q. What happens if residents bring a guest?

A. Guests are welcome!  As a resident, you should feel at home and welcome to use all the amenities of the property.  We encourage them to show off the property, as they would show off their own homes.

Ready to see what living at Metro 9 is like? Come by and take a tour and get to know the Metro 9 concierge team. Ryan St Marie will be here to greet you.

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