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6 facts that make moving to Somerville a great idea

Somerville is a captivating community whose skyrocketing popularity can be credited to its rich cultural diversity, artistic edge, miles of bikeable streets, and unmatched convenience for commuters. So, if you’re planning on moving to Somerville: welcome! Still giving it some thought?

Here are 6 facts that make moving to Somerville a great idea:

1.   Diverse selection of restaurants

Moving to Somerville means your taste buds are in for a treat. Boston’s northern, next-door neighbor is home to some of the area’s most creative and delectable dining establishments. Choose among trusted gems like Red Bones, Bergamont and Dave’s Fresh Pasta, as well as spirited newcomers that specialize in artisanal dishes, craft cocktails, and a vibrant ambiance.

Around the corner from Metro9, you find Loyal Nine, a Colonial-era inspired eatery that the Boston Globe called, “one of the most interesting restaurants in the city.” On the same block,  you can enjoy the best of Mexican street food at Lone Star Taco, while East Side Bar & Grill serves up Italian fare that has Yelp critics raving.

2.   Inspiration abounds

If you’re moving to Somerville, expect to be inspired by the thriving artist community. Drawn by the supportive environment and opportunities to showcase their work, local artists bring a creative vibe to the neighborhoods. In addition to studios and museums, you’ll find public art and art installations throughout the city, including the lobby, common spaces, and hallways of Metro9 condos.

3.   Always something to do when you move to Somerville

The 15th densest city in America packs a lot into four square miles, from the traditional to the avant-garde. Catch a flick at the Somerville Theater, shop for fresh produce at a farmer’s market, bike along the Minuteman Trail, or head to the…Fluff Festival. Never heard of the latter? Let’s just say it’s one reason Lonely Planet named Somerville in the top 10 “Best in the U.S.” travel destinations in 2016.

4.   A commuter’s dream

Not only is the public transit system highly accessible from all of Somerville — especially the Metro9 neighborhood — but the city also has an exceptional infrastructure for bicycle and pedestrian commuters. Somerville is the “unofficial bike capital” of the Boston area! Many people who work in Boston or Cambridge find that moving to Somerville is the most effective way to avoid gridlock on Route 93 or the Mass Pike. And the Green Line Extension, scheduled for completion in 2021, is expected to “support increased ridership of more than 50,000 passenger trips per day.”

5.   Proud history

Somerville played a role in several key events of the American Revolutionary War. The theft of Colonial gunpowder from the Powder House in Somerville is considered to be a turning point in the events leading up to the war, shortly after Paul Revere rode through the city on his historic “Midnight Ride.” The first Grand Union flag was raised on Prospect Hill on Jan. 1, 1776, by the order of Gen. George Washington. Later, during the Industrial Revolution, Somerville saw tremendous improvements in infrastructure and commerce, leading to an explosion in population.

6.   The sound of music

If you’re looking for great live music or a dancefloor to occupy on a night out, you’ll find it in Somerville. Know what else you’ll find in Somerville? PorchFest, an annual festival where over 250 musical acts perform on porches throughout the community, giving residents the opportunity to meet neighbors and share their love of music.

For more information on Somerville and what you can expect as a resident, contact our team at Metro9 condos. We can’t wait to share everything we know.


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