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Palvi Raikar

Smart Women Choose Metro9: A Testimonial from Resident Palvi Raikar

Palvi Raikar. MB, MSc, BE, is a Product Manager at Sage Therapeutics in Cambridge. Palvi was part of the team that launched the first treatment approved for postpartum depression.

I believe that home is an extension of the self. As a young professional at a biotech startup, my passion for bringing meaningful medical innovations to life manifests itself in a fast-track, busy life. The concept of home becomes that much more sacred when this is the case.

Metro9 is contemporary and bold, centered around mindful co-existence.

Its location makes for easy & quick access to all that Boston has to offer. Having vibrant Cambridge St just around the corner is fabulous, and my favorite leisure activities of kayaking on or walking by the Charles River are within a few minutes of reach! Getting to downtown Boston has never been more convenient either. The overall stress-busting impact of conserved time & energy on a daily basis is invaluable!

The thoughtful interiors mash up the creative makers’ spirit with modern industrial chicness – a magnificent reflection of the Cambridge-Somerville fabric. The thoughtfully created common spaces — like the art studio and the innovation suite — encourage engaging conversations with neighbors and run-ins with some of the cutest puppies around. My absolute favorite is the rooftop, though. Wrapping up a long day with some BBQ, watching the sunset from atop as the city winds down is utterly heavenly!

The place we call our home has a profound influence on ourselves. To me, Metro9 is a beacon that inspires holistic self-actualization.

About Palvi

A global citizen at heart, Palvi made Boston her home a few years ago when she traveled here from her country of origin, India, for a research assignment at Harvard. She is part of the hi-tech bio-pharmaceutical ecosystem in the city. After having recently chosen Metro9 as her abode, she loves being on the pulse of the city.

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