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Somerville is heaven for biking: Why you need a condo with bike storage

Only two communities in Massachusetts have received the Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Community award.

Can you guess which ones made the distinguished list?

Well, one has been called the “unofficial cycling capital” of the Boston area: Somerville.  (Neighboring Cambridge is the other award winner.)

In such a bikeable community, a condo with bike storage is a must. Indoor bike storage has actually become such a coveted must-have among condo owners that it was recently touted as the “Real Estate Amenity of the Year.” The epitome of convenience for avid and recreational bikers alike, a condo with bike storage eliminates the all-too-familiar hassle of having to turn your bike into a literal roommate.

Metro9 doesn’t only boast condos with bike storage, featuring 100 bicycle spaces and a repair room. It also straddles the Somerville/Cambridge line. In other words, it’s heaven for biking, whether you’re heading to work in Downtown Boston or going for a leisurely ride along the Charles River.

Consider just a few reasons a condo with bike storage in Somerville makes so much sense:

Stay safe on protected bike lanes

Let’s return to the Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Community award, a distinction held by only 29 communities nationwide. The award came after years of dedicated work to boost safety and accessibility for local bicyclists, including the recent construction of protected bicycle lanes in Union Square and on Beacon Street. Somerville now features miles of bikeable streets, well-kept community paths, and top-notch bike shops (Quad Bikes on Shepard Street is a local favorite).

Bill Nesper, executive director at the League of American Bicyclists, which is in charge of the community awards, remarked:

“We applaud these communities for making bicycling a safe and convenient option for transportation and recreation. We are encouraged by the growing number of leaders who see bicycling as a way to build more vibrant, healthy, sustainable, and connected communities.”

Take the new Grand Junction Path

Somerville secured the Gold Level status just after another piece of good news was made official—the first phase of the Grand Junction Path had been completed in Cambridge. The second phase will stretch all the way from the Boston University Bridge to Somerville and Allston, trailing the existing tracks in the Grand Junction corridor.

An important regional link connecting neighborhoods and regional resources, the path has been described as a “mini bicycle highway” and “inner city oasis” for bicyclists and pedestrians. The path will eventually connect to the Somerville Community Path, which is also set to become significantly longer as part of the Green Line Extension project.

Talk cycling over brews

Can’t take your mind off biking? Seize the chance to socialize with other riders over beer when the Somerville Bicycle Committee holds its monthly Bike Talk Social Hour at Aeronaut Brewery, a favorite hangout of the local cycling community.

From Aeronaut it only takes a few minutes to reach Metro9 (by bike, of course)—and your own condo with bike storage.

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